Published on 13/09/22


Production News

Published on 13/09/22

Our first Future Directions project has concluded with the completion of the second residency in Cardiff. The young people involved have created an insightful, imaginative piece called ‘The Things That Go Unnoticed’ which we look forward to sharing with you. Watch out for the release date of the digital opera they have been making.

We are currently developing new digital works as part of our New Directions programme, planned for release in Spring 2023. More details on the artists involved will follow shortly.

In Spring 2023, in partnership with Fio, ‘The House of Jollof Opera’ will be transitioning from screen to live performance. Later this month, Fio and MTW will be running a Development Workshop with singer Gweneth Ann Rand and musicians working with Tumi Williams and Sita Thomas, supported by Arts Council Wales. You can still see the original digital short here – our first hip-hop opera!

And in Summer 2023, we will be showing our first Street Art Operas. The 3 short pieces will be shown in partnership with Irish National Opera and Dumbworld. ‘The Scorched Earth Trilogy’ takes the environmental crisis and the lack of serious climate action as inspiration for these three works which search for answers, challenge our complacency and provoke both entertaining and uncomfortable responses.