Published on 20/06/23


Published on 20/06/23

PWSH have been commissioned by Music Theatre Wales to create a new public mural at Spit & Sawdust to respond to the climate crisis

Music Theatre Wales recently presented The Scorched Earth Trilogy – three street art operas raising questions about Climate Change – at Spit & Sawdust in Cardiff. The three 10-minute operas were projected on the walls of the skatepark to demand climate change, and to shine a light on new and exciting ways to present opera, arts and activism.

Alongside The Scorched Earth Trilogy, MTW also commissioned PWSH to create a new artwork in response to the street art operas. Molly Sinclair-Thomson has created a new PWSH mural at Spit & Sawdust.

The Scorched Earth Trilogy is opera as activism, projected on walls as street art. The short pieces make you laugh whilst also provoking you to demand change. Music Theatre Wales presented this series of three street art operas as a new way of asking people to reflect on the environmental disaster we are facing, and the lack of serious climate action. To create something longer-term alongside the operas, MTW commissioned PWSH to work with an artist to create a mural to provoke and continue the conversation about climate change. Molly Sinclair-Thomson said of her artwork,

“I wanted to capture the struggle nature experiences due to humans taking advantage of the earth’s resources. The bright lights capturing the birds and disrupting wildlife. Humans venturing on land that belongs to other beings. Whilst the sun gets hotter and hotter, the trees turn to matches and the stars fall away. The bright colours pull you in but look closer to find the story.”

Rachel Kinchin PWSH Artistic Director said “I want PWSH to create inclusive spaces for artists to make public-facing work that celebrate difference, contributes to the fabric of our city and has something to say about social change. Bringing together this partnership seemed like a perfect match… Molly’s artwork is so joyful to look at, then in these stories she has created, you look a little closer and there’s a depth and darkness to them that demands our attention.”

On behalf of Music Theatre Wales, Director Michael McCarthy said “Street Art Opera is something I have been exploring for a while and when Irish National Opera created a trilogy about the climate crisis I knew we had to start by showing them. We want to use opera to share stories and ideas that matter to us now and following this event we will be commissioning new work from Welsh artists to use Street Art Opera to talk about whatever is most important to them. Working alongside PWSH to commission a new work has been the perfect way of developing the relationship between us as new opera makers and exciting new public-facing Art”

Music Theatre Wales (MTW) exists to breathe new life into opera, presenting it as storytelling in music and seeking to revitalise opera as a universally accessible and expressive activity. We nurture artists who will create the opera of the future and present opera in imaginative ways that will help change the deeply entrenched preconceptions of what opera is and can be. We are asking: What is Opera? Who is making it? and Who is it for?

PWSH is a playful, radical street and public art project in Cardiff that celebrates difference and re-imagines public spaces.

Molly Sinclair-Thomson is a Welsh artist in Cardiff who predominantly creates bespoke canvas paintings and printable goods, she enjoys making pieces of art that are dreamlike surreal states, with vibrant colours and shapes. Using paint as her way of communicating with the use of symbolism and colour, she also enjoys bringing abstract worlds to life. Painting people and animals, attempting to provoke thought and create an atmosphere for play and connection.

Spit & Sawdust is a community space in Cardiff that houses a, café, arts space and studio. Established in 2014, it's aim is to offer a unique and welcoming cultural, creative, and social space in the city.

The Scorched Earth Trilogy was created by DUMBWORLD in co-production with IRISH NATIONAL OPERA Words and direction by John McIlduff. Music by Brian Irvine. Presented in association with Cardiff Singer of the World 2023 and presented in Wales by Music Theatre Wales.

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