Published on 26/10/18

By Music Theatre Wales


Music Theatre Wales is seeking trustees to join its Board

Published on 26/10/18

By Music Theatre Wales

Music Theatre Wales is the UK’s leading contemporary opera company, commissioning new works and creating new productions of existing modern masterpieces which we tour to venues across the UK.

We create work for anyone who wants to experience music theatre that is dramatic, bold and thought-provoking. The world in which we operate is changing economically and culturally and we have a responsibility to ensure that the people creating, performing and attending our productions are representative of the whole of society.

In order to make sure Music Theatre Wales continues to create work which is dynamic, relevant and emotionally engaging, we must find new ways of working and we want to explore different ways of creating new opera. This will include working with artists with different cultural and artistic influences and from a variety of musical genres and art forms; and putting on work in different kinds of location and venue. By finding new ways of working, we aim to attract people who think opera isn’t for them or who feel excluded from this art form, as well as providing new work for enthusiastic opera-goers.


We are looking for people to join our Board to support us as we open ourselves up to working in a more flexible and imaginative way. We are actively seeking to expand the range of experiences (both personal and professional), cultural perspectives and artistic interests in our Board and welcome applications from anyone who believes they have something to offer and who could be a passionate advocate for our work.

Our Board of Trustees, led by our Chair, Christine Bradwell, has overall control of our organisation and is responsible for making sure that the company is being managed effectively, efficiently, ethically and sustainably. Being a Trustee will enable you to use your knowledge and experience to support our work and the cultural sector more widely. It will also give you the chance to develop new skills, benefitting you both professionally and personally. You can find out more about what being a Trustee involves by going to the Charity Commission website

The Board holds four meetings a year, usually in Cardiff, one of which includes the AGM (Annual General Meeting), and we aim to hold a Board away-day roughly once every two years.

All positions are voluntary and unpaid, although out-of-pocket expenses, such as reasonable travel and childcare costs, will be reimbursed.

We are looking for Trustees who share our vision, who will challenge preconceptions, who will represent our audiences and artists, and who will support our staff team.


Ever since the company’s formation in Cardiff in 1988, Music Theatre Wales has been recognised as a vital force in UK opera, presenting new work on an intimate scale that is characterised by the powerful impact it makes on audiences and artists alike. See for more information about who we are and what we do.

Music Theatre Wales is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. We receive regular funding from the Arts Council of Wales, and seek lottery funding from Arts Council England to support our work in England. On top of this, we aim to raise between £100,000 and £150,000 a year through fundraising from private sources, such as trusts and individuals.


If you are interested in becoming a trustee of Music Theatre Wales, please email or write to our Chief Executive, Carole Strachan. We would like you to outline why you would like to join our Board, what interested you about the position and how your experiences, both professional and personal, could help us to realise our vision. Please email or write to Carole Strachan, Chief Executive, Music Theatre Wales, Pascoe House, 54 Bute Street, Cardiff CF10 5AF.

If you would like to find out more about what being a trustee involves, please call us on 029 2049 8471 for an informal conversation with one of the Music Theatre Wales staff team.

We will invite shortlisted applicants for a meeting with an existing member of the Board. It is anticipated that new trustees will join the Board as soon as possible.

Closing date: Monday 19th November 2018