Three Street Art Operas for the end of the world

Created by
Words & direction by John McIlduff | Music by Brian Irvine
Presented in association with Cardiff Singer of the World 2023

Opera as activism, projected on walls as street art. They may make you laugh, but may also make you demand change. We are presenting a new series of three street art operas which reflect on the environmental disaster we are facing, and the lack of serious climate action

Won’t Bring Back The Snow

A father and daughter polar bear are scavenging bins looking for something to eat. The daughter has an idea: This little white ass, gonna pay for our dinner!

Trickle Down Economics

Is it all Bla Bla Bla? With a mountain of paper representing yet another breakthrough deal, the politicians celebrate their “achievements” and relieve themselves against a wall, drowning in their own satisfaction.


A wasteland. Children in gas masks. Decay. But children believe there is a future, and plant seeds that will grow into wondrous, colourful plants.

“As long as we don’t treat the climate crisis like a crisis, we can have as many conferences as we want, but it will just be negotiations, empty words, loopholes and greenwash.”

Greta Thunberg

All presentations will take place outdoors, with the audience listening to the operas on wireless headphones – provided by us.

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The Scorched Earth Trilogy will have integrated captioning (in English) so will be accessible for Deaf and hard of hearing audiences and will also have Welsh subtitles.

Presented in association with Cardiff Singer of the World 2023.

A co-production with Dumbworld and Irish National Opera.

MTW will also be hosting training provided by Dumbworld, the creators of The Scorched Earth Trilogy – John McIlduff and Brian Irvine - for Welsh artists, music creators, filmmakers and animators. We want to inspire the creation of future Street Art Operas presenting the stories, ideas and campaigns of your choice for locations across Wales – as community events or wider public exposition - on a wall, a doorway, a shed or hillside of your choice! Watch this space for further announcements.

PWSH have been commissioned by Music Theatre Wales to create a new public mural at Spit & Sawdust to respond to the climate crisis


  • Bangor - Pontio

    Friday 12 & Saturday 13 May at 10pm

  • HaverHub, Haverfordwest

    Tuesday 6 June at 10pm

  • Cardiff - Spit & Sawdust

    Thursday 15 and Friday 16 June at 10pm

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